We Are Bombastic

May 2011

Bombastic FC Classic is from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Classic is one of the six teams (two ladies’ and four men’s) in Bombastic Football Club. Players’ eligibility age is over 35 years.

2010/2011 season sent us back to Division 2. We experimented with 4-3-3 and managed to get  just a win and a point more than the season before – good enough only for second to last spot.

2009/2010 was the first season in Masters Division 1. The squad finished 8th with 16 points, avoiding relegation by 3 points.

In 2008/2009 season the team finished first in Masters Division 2 A (part of the Vancouver Metro Soccer League – VMSL) and earned promotion to Masters Division 1.

In its first season in Division 2 A after promoting from Masters Division 2 B, 2007/2008, Classic finished 8th with 21 points. Season 2006/2007 was marked with 2nd place and 36 points.

Mike Densky is the Club’s president. He assumed the role from Mark Austin on 1 April, 2011.

This blog won’t be updated anymore and will be kept for historical purposes.

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